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Community Organizations “Stepping Out” Program:

In November of 2001 the North West Jersey Association of the Deaf agreed to do one simple thing to make a positive difference in their environment.  They agreed to include the words “Alcohol not served” when publicizing events events that were alcohol free.  SOS Salutes NWJAD‘s willingness to encourage a healthy lifestyle and a safe environment for people in recovery from substance abuse.  We welcome other organizations to join in and show their support by publicizing events as “Alcohol Free.”  SOS will be happy to return the favor by including your event in our “events” calendar!

Visit the NWJAD Website at:

TTY, TV Caption Decoders and Other Items Donation

A Sober House is a safe place for people in recovery to live while they secure a new job, new housing, and begin their new, sober, life.  In an effort to support our Deaf and Hard of hearing friends new to recovery who are moving to a Sober House, SOS is asking for your help in donating old items (in good working condition) to lend to the Sober Houses to become more accessible.  We are seeking the following items:
– TTY’s
– Old Closed Captioning Decoder Boxes
– TV’s with Captioning Chip Built-in
– Door Bell, Phone, or Fire alarm flashers
– Any other items you feel may help