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Signs of Sobriety, Inc., founded in 1987, is a non profit community-based organization, committed to promoting the efforts of all Deaf and Hard of Hearing persons to realize their fullest potential as active, productive members of society.

Our mission is to empower the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population by significantly reducing the risk factors that lead to alcohol and drug misuse, to support recovery efforts of those looking to overcome the disease of alcholism/addiction; and to provide hope and guidance to those affected by their substance abuse.

Ongoing programs include:

SOS’s Annual SoberCamp offers Deaf recovering participants and their family members a variety of activities and daily workshops that focus on sobriety maintenance, diet and health care, relationship and parenting skills enhancement, and developing sober recreational choices.  At SoberCamp, we provide couples the opportunity to come together and share their experiences while enhancing their partners’ potential for recovery.  The camp provides a prevention program for children, all in an atmosphere that promotes fun.
SoberCamp are funded in part by United Way of Greater Mercer County

“SILENT SUFFERING’S: Substance Abuse in the Deaf Community ”
Host, Alan Barwiolek (Al B), a deaf actor who worked with Alcoholics Anonymous World Service to translate their publication “Alcoholics Anonymous” into American Sign Language, explores cultural, treatment and recovery issues with noted Deaf professionals Barbara Kannapell, Betty Miller and Cynthia Weitzel.  To order send $30 for each copy  to: Signs of Sobriety, Inc.