Special Services 2001 – 2007

Interpreting Services

Carrying the Message

Coordination of communication access services for deaf and hard of hearing persons (interpreters, CART, C-Print, ALD systems). Provision of communication access services for ATOD settings. Training available to individuals, groups and agencies on a variety of topics, including: classroom accommodation, accessible environments, finding and using an interpreter, determining communication needs, etc. Call for services, training or more information.


(Health Outreach and Prevention Education)

Assisting Deaf education programs and community organizations to reduce alcohol and drug misuse.

Increase awareness to Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults youth about the effects of Alcohol

Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)

Enhance Leadership skills of Deaf Youth

Increase awareness of Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults about ATOD misuse and abuse

Change Deaf community standards and attitudes about ATOD use

Establish community ATOD Task force


Project Second Chance

Providing Deaf and Hard of Hearing  People in need of recovery services appropriate  counseling and support.

Treatment Plan Development

Individual and group counseling

Promote the use of recovery support structures (AA, NA)

Assist SOS Case Manager in processes that will model and build a recovering community

24-hour emergency service

Case Management

Project Second Chance

Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing across the state to provide the following:

  • Clinical Assessments
  • Mental Health referrals
  • Identify Community Linkages
  • Coordination of services
  • Outreach and advocacy
  • Extend relapse Prevention
  • Supervise case plans
  • Coordinate services with other substance abuse treatment centers